Why Belize?
400,000. That’s the population of Belize. Filled with 200 villages and six official cultures. A melting pot of customs, stories, and dreams. Even though publications portray a beautiful Caribbean vacation, the truth is, Belize needs our help.
Most Families cannot afford to keep their children in school.  A significant portion of the population do not have Wi-Fi at home or personal learning devices.
32% of males over 12 years old do not attend school.  6% of the population goes onto post-secondary education.
34% of women are married or united before the age of 18.  Of all pregnancies between 2015-2019, 56% were unintended.
15% of Belizeans are diabetic, often resulting in amputations.  Emergency medical services are hard to access for many remote villages.
How We Help?
Every contribution counts.  When we all commit to elevating Belize, little changes have ripple effects that can be felt throughout the country.
We imagine a better Belize by focusing on improving the quality of life for individuals, communities, and the environment by supporting causes that promote learning, wellness, engagement, and culture (Learn more about our 4 Pillars).
We unite volunteers, partners, and donors around our causes to create a better Belize (See all our Causes).
We achieve success by clearly identifying our beneficiaries, demonstrating how our causes impact them, and providing transparency to our donors when asking for their continued support (See all our Impacts).