Our mission is to support community, education, health, and the environment in Belize.
A passionate all volunteer team. Working together from all corners of the world.
Welcome to Believe in Belize
It all started with a founding family and a box of school supplies
After a trip to Belize, Lucy Bedewi (Our founder Nabil’s daughter) saw how expensive it was for the average Belizean family to send their child to school. She was volunteering at a primary school, leading a class of 20 first graders. She taught them new math skills, while they curiously asked her about her life in the US. Seeing how gifted they were, it made her so sad that a lot of them would never be able to go to school past 6th grade. She knew she could change this. So she came home, excitedly told her mom, Kareen Bedewi, and started a club at her high school. Believe in Belize was born to collect school supplies.
Nabil Bedewi, her dad, has always loved helping people. Whether it’s bringing down a laptop for a family of 8 to give them access to the Internet for the first time or connecting someone with a job they’re meant for– he is always the first person to step in to help.  He expanded on her idea to make Believe in Belize what it is today. From pencils to pillars – Nabil started the non-profit with this vision:
Improve the quality of life for individuals and communities across Belize.
From one small family in Maryland to 1000s of families supported in Belize– Believe in Belize continues to grow, elevating all of the diverse communities that make up Belize.