Posted on May 06, 2024
Two fundamental IT problems in Belize are: 1) Computers etc. are too often discarded when they malfunction. 2) Since Belize is a small country, opportunities are limited for people with IT skills.
The IMPACT Initiative (Infrastructure, Mentoring, Partnership, Apprenticeship, Career Exploration, Technology & Training) aims to address those two problems.
YOUTH Training focused on equipping students and staff with the skills necessary to repair and maintain their onsite computer systems.
ADULT Lessons geared toward providing technical proficiency and expedited paths to employment opportunities (locally and remotely).
By partnering with StreetCents Corporation, the implementation of the IMPACT Initiative is through successive phases utilizing the following CAUSES:  Container Shipping, Community Infrastructure, Computers, Online Tutoring, Internships, Microbusiness.
Phase 1 - Fall 2024 - US $10,500
$5,500 - 100 Desktop & laptop computers
$2,000 - Infrastructure Setup
$1,000 - Training Material
$1,000 - In country transportation
$1,000 - Microbusiness Grants
We are grateful to  for fully funding Phase 1.
We will post updates to this page as needed.