If you have a passion helping people and you are already part of an organization doing so, then you've come to the right page.  If you are a person doing individual great work, we'd love to chat about volunteering through Believe in Belize.
Below you will find information about becoming a partner followed by a list of our partners.
Please note that we do check to make sure that our partners and volunteers are not on the OFAC Sanctions List
At Believe in Belize (BinB) we help where we can through Causes organized under 4 Pillars (see What We Do).  As an all-volunteer corporation we do not have the needed volunteers and/or all necessary skills for a given cause.  We therefore rely on organizations with such capabilities through partnerships.
This is the basic partnering process:
  1. A Belizean NGO / Registered Business identifies one of our causes aligned with what it does, or recommends a new Cause (see our Causes).
  2. We add the partner to our website in the relevant pages.
  3. If the partner wishes to apply for Grants under our name then the application must be through BinB.
  4. The partner and BinB "market" the common Cause.
  5. The partner and BinB perform their relevant tasks within the common Cause.
  6. BinB tracks, acknowledges, and reports donations (only funds raised through BinB could be tax deductible based on US laws).
  7. Partner requests funds and provides proof of expenditures.
For process details please see this link.