Examples of our impact
$10 basic school supplies for one student
$30 reflector tape for 50 bicycles
$50+ spaying or neutering for a dog or a cat
$100 refurbished computer for use by 5-20 students
$150 pair of basketball rims, nets, and four basketballs
$250 below the knee prosthetic for an amputee
$250 cleanup, education, and replanting event which includes material & supplies, plus meals and transportation for volunteers
$1,000 uniforms for a sport team
$10,000 refurbished firetruck
$15,000 shipping a 40' container from the USA full of medical and educational supplies benefiting 1000s
However, this is only possible with the help of donors!
You can help increase our impact by donating using PayPal or your debit/credit card. 
For other donation options (checks, real estate, bequests, trusts, wills, etc.) please email us to discuss the details.